Section 4
May 1930

1. careen--to lurch from side to side while moving rapidly
2. crevices--narrow openings caused by a crack or split
3. disreputable--having a bad reputation; not reliable or truthful; not honest
4. heifer--a cow that has not had a calf, but in this story, it is used as an insult to a woman
5. nouveau riche--a person who has only recently become rich, not one whose family has had money for generations
6. prodigal--exceedingly and recklessly wasteful
7. raucous--loud and rowdy
8. staccato--made up of abrupt, distinct elements of sound (like a package of fireworks that has all been lit at once)
9. vibrant--vigorous, energetic, radiant, sparkling, bright

Chicago, Illinois

Writing Topics
1. Describe what your dreams are for the rest of your life and tell how you plan to achieve these dreams.
2. Explain how the pictures on this page are tied into this Section of the book.
Luvenia Lewis--age 16
Miss Etta--Luvenia's godmother
Mrs. Deets
Mr. Deets
Florenz Deets



1. Miss Etta does many things for Luvenia throughout the course of this section of the story. What are some of these things?
2. Why is it important to have an "advocate" like Miss Etta is for Luvenia? Who is your own "Miss Etta"?
3. How would you explain why Florenz Deets doesn't try to make amends to Luvenia for the loss of her job?
4.Florenz Deets and Katie are friends and get along well together, but are different in many ways. Compare and contrast Florenz and Katie.. Be sure to consider physical appearance, philosophy, and treatment of Luvenia.
5. Many people think of a "northern" city like Chicago as a place where racial tolerance would be much greater than in a similar "southern" city. Give examples of both racial tolerance and racial intolerance in Luvenia's Chicago. Use specific examples from the book.
6. Luvenia also experiences obstacles due to her gender. Describe some of these.
7. What are Luvenia's dreams/goals for her life? What is she doing to make them come true? What obstacles does she face?
8. Luvenis claims that she is proud of her father but that she doesn't want to be like him. In what ways is she like her father? In what ways is she different from him? USE A DOUBLE BUBBLE MAP TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION>
9. Luvenia has three dreams after asking Mrs. Deets to guarantee her job. Tell about each one and explain what you think each means.
10. Compare the relationship of Luvenia and Florenz Deets with the relationship between Lizzy and Miss Julia (Section 2).
11. Miss Etta gives several pieces of advice to Luvenia. State two of these pieces of advice and tell whether or not you agree.
12. One thing Luvenia asks of Miss Etta is for her to write a letter to her father asking him to allow Luvenia to stay in Chicago. Assume the identity of Miss Etta and write a letter to Elijah stating why Luvenia should be allowed to stay in Chicago.
13. Read the poem by Langston Hughes to the right.. It what ways does the poem describe Luvenia's dreams? Which lines(s) from the poem best describe Luvenia's dreams at the end of the section?

A Dream Deferred
by Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?