SACS - School Improvement Plan

Part 2


Part 2: Beliefs and Mission


Narrative Description of the Process of Defining

the School’s Beliefs and Mission


Edwards Elementary School began the task of defining its beliefs and mission by engaging in a comprehensive, consensus-building process that involved teachers, administrators, staff, parents, students, and community members. A committee was formed to evaluate the current beliefs and mission statement and to identify major issues that related to the needs of the students and community at Edwards Elementary. The committee gave consideration to any academic, demographic, and/or population changes in our school over the past five years. After examining the results of parent, student, teacher, and staff surveys, the committee felt a need to update our beliefs and to redefine our mission statement.

Careful analysis of the data contained in our School Profile and additional work by the committee in developing and redefining the beliefs and mission statement produced the first drafts. The initial drafts of the beliefs and sample mission statements, along with the current Edwards Elementary and Chesterfield County mission statements, were presented to all committee members for review and comment. After allowing adequate time for committee feedback, the mission statements were modified based on suggestions. Two mission statements were distributed to teachers, administrators, classified staff members, parents, students, and School Improvement Council members for final review, selection, and input. Eleven belief statements were distributed for review, selection, and input. Recommendations and suggestions were considered in defining the final beliefs and mission for Edwards Elementary.

Edwards Elementary’s beliefs and mission statement will be shared with faculty and staff members, students, parents, and community members in a variety of ways. They will be displayed in our school’s entrance, on our website, posted in all classrooms, distributed through newsletters, recited each morning on the Edwards’ News Show, and shared at community and

school meetings. Edwards Elementary School’s beliefs and mission will be communicated to the school family and the community at large.

Our Beliefs:

We believe all children are capable of learning if a variety of instructional approaches are used to support their learning.

We believe parents should take an active and supportive role in their child’s education.

We believe children are unique and have special talents.

We believe cultural diversity is an asset.

We believe all faculty and staff have high expectations for all children.

We believe children have the right to learn in a safe environment and positive climate.

We believe successful schools have effective communication.

We believe members of the community should share in the responsibility for learning.

We believe children should respect themselves, others, and their environment.

We believe children should be responsible for their own actions and share in the responsibility for their own learning.

We believe all children are entitled to the best education possible.


Our Mission:

The mission of Edwards Elementary School is to prepare students to become responsible individuals by creating a positive school environment where dedicated staff, parents, and community members work together to provide opportunities for success and creativity through academics and the arts.

We continue to follow our slogan "Educating Everyone Successfully", by providing every child the opportunity to successfully achieve and to promote our motto "Be the Best You Can Be".